Scottish Cadets Postcard

This week’s postcard depicts three young lads in Scottish military uniform:SKM_C284e17110814270 - CopyThis photograph is helpfully dated on the back and comes form 1918. Looking at the ages of the boys I suspect they are cadets of some sort. Despite the army having abandoned full dress uniforms in 1914, these cadets are wearing the full highland dress uniform, with kilt and sporran:SKM_C284e17110814270 - Copy - Copy (3)High socks and spats:SKM_C284e17110814270 - Copy - Copy (4)Glengarry:SKM_C284e17110814270 - Copy - Copy (2)And full dress doublet:SKM_C284e17110814270 - Copy - Copy (5)Note on the jacket the cuffs, with three buttons and gold lacing. A simple black leather belt is worn with a metal buckle. The central cadet is holding a small cane ‘swagger’ stick in his hands:SKM_C284e17110814270 - Copy - CopyIt seems likely that these cadets were uniformed out of surplus stock left over from before the war. The issue of clothing cadets clearly vexed one reader of the Daily mail who wrote in March 1918:

Now that the importance of cadet training is being more fully recognised, the lack of co-ordination and organisation should be remedied without delay. Owing to the large numbers of youths being called up the ranks of cadet units are greatly depleted, with the result that quite small boys will predominate in the future.

There would be a great saving of money if, instead of the expensive outfit of khaki uniform, cap and puttees, a simpler, less expensive and more suitable uniform were adopted, similar to that supplied to cadets in Australia. This is especially applicable to junior cadets who do not feel, and perhaps naturally, the full sense of responsibility when wearing khaki…

Clearly this never happened, and even today cadets wear more or less the same uniform as the adult forces.

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