PLCE Wire Cutter Pouch

As well as the standard infantry load bearing equipment, a number of specialist pouches were also developed for the PLCE set. Wire cutters have been issued to soldiers almost since the introduction of barbed wire as a defensive weapon in the mid-nineteenth century. Some of these designs of cutters were to prove exceptionally long lasting and the folding British army wire cutters had a very lengthy service life and I believe they are still in general use today, despite the design dating back at least as far as 1915- over a hundred years for a piece of kit is not a bad service life!

The PLCE frog for these cutters is a wedge shaped pouch in DPM Cordua nylon:imageThe cutters fit in like this:imageDue to the heavy duty nature of the contents, the top flap of this pouch is secured with both a press stud and a strip of Velcro:imageThis particular example was manufactured in 2004 as indicated on the label sewn onto the underside of the top flap:imageThe back of the pouch will be familiar to anyone with a passing knowledge of PLCE webbing:imageThe small loop is to pass a steadying string through. Above this is the main belt loop, secured with press studs. Lifting this flap reveals the plastic T-bars that engage with the small pockets on a PLCE belt:imageI don’t believe this pouch is too hard to find, but as with this example you might have to source the cutters themselves separately and then put the pair back together again!

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