RAF Ground Tradesman’s Smock Liner

Continuing this blogs ever increasing coverage of quilted liner clothing, tonight we have another variation on the smock liner:imageThis example is actually an RAF Ground Tradesman’s smock liner and would have been worn by RAF ground crew servicing aircraft in cold conditions- air bases in Britain and West Germany were notoriously cold places in winter so extra layers would have been very much appreciated.

One of the dangers around aircraft is that small pieces of debris can fall out and are then sucked into engines with disastrous results- even something as innocuous seeming as a button could potentially destroy a jet engine worth many millions of pounds. Because of this risk, this smock liner is secured up the front by sewn in pieces of Velcro rather than the buttons seen on many army smock liners:imageApart from that there is very little difference between this and other examples of the liner. It is made of the same quilted green nylon, with polyester batting between the two layers of fabric. The same green mesh is used to aid ventilation in the particularly sweaty parts of the body, here the arm pits:imageIt is the sewn in label that here indicates that this is RAF issue and for ground crew:imageThe liner was made by Dashmore Clothing and they seem to have had a number of large MoD orders for uniforms in the mid to late 1980s and then disappeared again from military procurement.

This is another great variant of the quilted liners and joins my growing collection of different types- there are still more out there to find so I am sure this is not the last you will be seeing of the ‘Chinese fighting suit’ on the blog…you have been warned!

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