Olive Green PLCE Entrenching Tool Cover

Tonight we come to the last part of our mini-series on the olive green PLCE set of webbing and we are looking at the entrenching tool cover. I would direct you back to this post here for more details on the entrenching tool itself and the rubberised case it fits into. The cover itself is made of olive green Cordua nylon and is in the same distinctive ‘shield’ shape as the DPM version we looked at previously:imageAs can be seen there are a number of plastic Fastex clips on the front of the cover. The clip right in the front and centre is used to hold the entrenching tool itself into the cover securely:imageThis clip is mounted on an ‘v’ of webbing which allows a waterbottle to be substituted, the cap fitting neatly in the notch of the webbing ‘v’. Two other Fastex clips are fitted inside the cover:imageThese are used to secure the cover to the belt of the PLCE set, simply clipping around the belt itself:imageTypically the entrenching tool was worn centrally mounted at the very rear of a set of PLCE as it was the most seldom used piece of equipment so could be tucked away in the most inaccessible part of the set.

Interestingly the rear of the cover is actually almost completely bare:imageA single loop is provided to pass a piece of para-cord through to help tie down the components of the webbing set so they don’t bounce around when the wearer runs.

This then concludes out little foray into Gulf War PLCE, as with many of the other components my thanks go to Michael Fletcher who helped hook me up with many of the pieces of the set.

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