6″ Side Cutting Pliers

It is always nice to find a piece of militaria you have been trying to find for a long time, even more so when it is extremely cheap! Long term readers will know I have a Vickers Machine Gun spare parts case and I have slowly been building up the contents inside, one item of the spares case is an innocuous pair of 6” side cutting pliers. Last year I bought a pair of marked pliers over the internet and unfortunately when they arrived they turned out to be too large, therefore I was very pleased to find a marked 6” pair for £1 this week:imageIn form they are nearly identical to the pair we looked at here, just smaller. They are dated 1943 and stamped with the /|\ acceptance mark:imageAlthough it is faint, a manufacturer’s stamp can also be seen, unfortunately I can only make out the –“& Sons” part of the name:imageI am sure these pliers were a general purpose tool, rather than being specifically manufactured with the Vickers gun in mind. Having said that they are certainly part of the spares kit, as can be seen on the excellent ‘Vickers Machine Gun Collection and Research Association’ website here. The pliers were carried in the spare parts wallet which in turn was carried inside the Spare Parts Case. I imagine these tools actually survive in quite large numbers- after all they are still an effective pair of pliers for use outside the military. Unfortunately as can be seen from this pair, the markings are quite small and it is often the case that you will need to check many dozens of pairs of pliers to finally find a military marked one- but that’s the fun of collecting!

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