Canadian ’82 Pattern’ NBC Backpack

Tonight we come to the final post on the 82 pattern webbing set, at least until I track down some more components. The Canadian Army issued a special lightweight rucksack for their troop’s NBC equipment that accompanied the 82 pattern set, although technically it was never actually a part of the equipment. This small pack was popular with troops and frequently used in the field as a general purpose haversack to supplement the ‘butt’ pack we looked at a few weeks back. The pack is made of green nylon, with three straps on the front securing the flap:imageThese are secured with black ‘Fastex’ fasteners:imageThe pack here is made in a mid green shade, other examples can be found with much darker colouring. Under the top flap is a drawstring that helps secure the main part of the rucksack and keeps the contents dry:imageOne side of the pack has a small exterior pocket, secured with Velcro:imageThe rucksack has a pair of shoulder straps sewn to the rear, with slide adjusters to allow the wearer to get a comfortable fit:imageEach strap is heavily padded for comfort:imageThis pack has clearly seen heavy use as there are a number of different soldiers’ names and numbers written in pen on the underside of the top flap:imageThe only label inside the bag is a small manufacturer’s label for ‘Just Kit’:imageThis then ends our study of the 82 pattern set for the time being- there are still some components left to find so we will revisit the set as and when I add these to the collection. I hope this series has been of interest to you and that I have managed to raise the profile of this underappreciated set of commonwealth webbing.

2 thoughts on “Canadian ’82 Pattern’ NBC Backpack

  1. Bryce Meister

    This has been a great resource as I scour the surplus stores of Winnipeg (and online) looking for the components. It’s actually shocking how hard this stuff is to find and how expensive it is — I assumed there would be bins of this stuff they couldn’t give away, what with all the $50 tac vests out there. I’m $60 in and only have the belt, yoke, 2 mag pouches, bayonet frog and the butt pack. I was able to find the manual to assemble it, and even though I was issued this stuff many years ago, I didn’t know all the tricks until I read this — especially attaching the yoke straps to the pouches and NOT the belt.

    1. hatchfive Post author

      Glad the posts have been useful. Interesting that it’s getting hard to find in Canada- I’m in the UK and just assumed I was struggling to find pieces because of the Atlantic but it sounds like things are no easier on your side of the pond.


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