King’s Royal Rifle Corps Lapel Badge

A few years back we looked at a postcard of a group of men in civilian dress, wearing their old cap badges on their lapels as a sign they were old soldiers (see here). As can be seen from that photograph, old cap badges whilst easily available were too large to wear comfortably on the lapel of a civilian suit. Therefore smaller lapel badge versions of cap badges were produced by enterprising manufacturer’s for old soldiers to buy and wear in civvy street to show their regimental allegiance. This example is for the King’s Royal Rifle Corps:imageIt is made of a bronzed metal and features a miniature representation of the cap badge to the front:imageThe quality of this is actually quite remarkable as under a magnifying glass all the lettering can be read and the reproduction is excellent (the blurry-ness above is my poor camera rather than any issue with the badge). I suspect this badge dates from between the wars and would have been produced commercially, possibly for sale through the regiment’s Old Comrades Association. The back of the badge has a half-moon fixing that allows the badge to be fitted to the button hole of a blazer or jacket:imageThese regimental lapel badges are still manufactured and worn today, however these days it is more likely they will be found with a pin fastening rather than a lapel hook- clothing has changed over the last eighty years and few today wear the sort of suits that can take this sort of fastening.

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