Quilted, Sleeved Parka Liner

In the past we have looked at a couple of padded British army liners for cold weather, a vest here and a full one piece suit here. Tonight we have another example to look at, but this time a sleeved version:imageI believe this is a slightly later version when compared with the vest, it is however made of the same green nylon with diamond shaped quilting to hold wadding securely inside and serves the same function as all the other liners- adding an extra layer of warmth to a uniform, here though for a parka rather than a standard combat jacket. One obvious departure from the earlier design is the use of long fabric tabs and Velcro to secure the front of the liner:imageOther features include a piece of mesh under the arm pit to provide ventilation at a particularly sweaty area:imageAnd various Velcro patches on the back of the liner to allow it to be secured to other items of clothing:image

imageThis indicates it was for a parka rather than a standard combat smock, but by all accounts soldiers used them interchangeably. A label inside indicates that this liner was made by the famous firm of Compton Sons and Webb:image

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