Sten Gun Sling

Like most other firearms, the STEN gun was issued with a webbing sling to allow it to be slung over the shoulder. The sling was specially made for the firearm and was a unique design for the time using loops and hooks on the sling to attach it rather than passing through sling loops on the gun:imageThe sling is made from a ¾” wide thin cotton webbing strap, with an adjustable buckle in the centre:imageThis indicates that the sling is a Mk II variant (stores catalogue number BE8604), the earlier Mk I (stores catalogue number BE8574) was a non-adjustable strap 36” long. A brass loop is fitted to one end:imageThis is fitted around the stock of the Sten gun, with the loose end of the strap passing through to make a tightening loop that holds it secure:imageThe opposite end of the sling has a wire loop:imageThis hooks through the holes on the barrel shroud at the muzzle end of the Sten gun:imageInterestingly Indian produced slings just use a blunted nail, bent around, for this hook! This example has a manufacturer’s stamp on the sling, that is unfortunately badly stamped, but it can be seen that the sling dates from 1944:imageA large number of manufacturers can be found for these slings, including Canadian made examples. When I picked my sling up they were incredibly common and could be found for a few pounds, today they seem to have increased in price and a good example can fetch £10-£15.

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