82 Pattern Small Field Pack

Updated Post- My thanks to Ernst-Udo Peters for some more information on this pack that has allowed an update.

The Canadian Army 82 Pattern webbing set was issued with a small haversack, mounted on the rear of the belt that was officially known as a ‘Small Field Pack’ but colloquially got referred to as a ‘butt pack’ due to its position over the wearer’s posterior:imageThis pack was designed to carry a soldiers essential kit to sustain him in the field for small periods of time. It is made of green nylon and is a small squarish shape:imageTwo distinct variants exist, an early example with friction buckles to secure the top flap, and this later example that came into use in around 1986. It has a top flap that is secured on the front by a pair of dark green ‘Fastex’ buckles and adjustable nylon straps:imageThese straps are quite long, so it was common for troops to fit extra items of clothing on the top of the pack, held down by these straps. Under the top flap a draw string is fitted to help keep the contents weather tight:imageWith a plastic friction fastener to secure the draw string tight:imageAgain the earlier variant of the pack has a slightly different cord lock, being made entirely of green plastic up until 1986. The manual provides a nice line drawing of the pack:CaptureThe pack is typically worn on the back of the belt:Capture1To attach it the standard 82 pattern plastic post fasteners are fitted to the rear of the pack:imageThese have the same velcroed tabs as the rest of the 82 pattern items, once the plastic posts have been inserted into the eyelets the two tabs are folded over and secured around the belt for added security:imageAbove these are two further tabs that attach to the Yoke we looked at here:imageThe 82 pattern manual offered two alternative ways of wearing the pack, with the option of attaching a strap into two friction buckles:imageAnd wearing it over the shoulder:Capture2This pack was never big enough, and troops often supplemented it with other larger packs in the field. Typically the inner pocket along the back of the butt-pack carried a melmac plate and other contents included foot powder, spare socks, boot bands, batteries, matches and water purification pills in a Ziploc bag as well as any additional loads they needed.

2 thoughts on “82 Pattern Small Field Pack

  1. Ernst-Udo Peters

    Hi, I came across your your website while searching for Canadian KFS. I just wanted to congratulate you on the amount of info you have available here. I would like to add a small comment concerning the 82 pattern buttpack that you have here. This is in facct the second edition of this buttpack. The fastex buckles give it away. When this pack was first issued in 1982 and right up until 1986 it was issued with friction buckles for the main closing straps that were the same size as the ones on the side of your pack. The draw string did not have a black and white cord lock but a green one like the one on the compression bag for the sleeping bag.
    Keep up the good work and all the best.


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