64 Pattern Canteen Carrier

Tonight after several months we come to our final piece of 64 pattern Canadian Webbing; the canteen carrier:imageLike the earlier 51 pattern carrier, this is based off contemporary US design, with a carrier made of the same plasticised canvas as the rest of the set. The rear of the carrier has a large velcroed channel for wrapping around the belt:imageDue to the weight of a full canteen, this fastener was particularly useless for this component! The canteen fits snuggly into the carrier, but is still easy to withdraw:imageBoth the older metal and the new plastic canteens were issued with the carrier as stocks allowed. The inside of the carrier has a felted wool liner:imageThis acts as insulation and stops the water from freezing as easily in Canada’s cold winters and can be wetted to keep the canteen cool in summer- as the water in the felt evaporates it draws in heat from the canteen and helps prevent it from warming up.

It seems appropriate as this is our last post on the 64 pattern set to include a cracking painting by Ron Volstad of a Canadian soldier wearing the set in the 1970s:tumblr_mwc5fbUUTf1rcoy9ro1_1280

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