82 Pattern Yoke

As discussed last month, amongst many short comings on the 64 pattern webbing set was the wholly inadequate suspenders to support the weight of the equipment over the shoulders. The 82 pattern set sought to remedy this problem and a well-padded yoke was provided, offering comfort far beyond that available on the earlier system:The yoke used in the 82 pattern set is based off the American ALICE system of the 1970s, but adapted for Canadian service. The yoke assembly illustrated above is actually a combination of two parts, as shown in the user’s handbook. The Yoke:And four ‘hook strap assemblies’:As these were normally left connected we will treat them as one unit for this post. The yoke is heavily padded with protection for the wearer across both shoulders and the top of the back:The side of the yoke away from the wearer has a centrally mounted panel fitted with metal eyelets used to attach equipment (most often an entrenching tool) to the upper back:The front half of the yoke over each shoulder has a series of webbing loops to allow items to be hook on if required:Often a shell dressing would be taped onto the webbing at this point. Plastic friction buckles are sewn to the ends of each shoulder piece and at each corner of the back part of the yoke:These are attached to the ‘hook strap assemblies’ that in turn attach to the belt or other parts of the webbing with a plastic hook fastener and Velcro strips:One Canadian serviceman with eleven years’ experience wearing the 83 pattern set explains how it is attached:

To be more detailed in regards to how it fits, the yoke for the Canadian 82 Pattern Web-Gear, has four straps. The two in the back, have little plastic hooks which point in opposite directions (up and down) and clip onto the butt pack. The two in the front, have the same plastic hooks and clip onto magazine pouches, or the utility pouch. Obviously, the magazine pouches, utility pouch and butt pack all clip onto the web belt. The straps from the yoke will not properly clip into the web-belt directly – and stay connected – they have to be connected to the pouches and butt pack.

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