2″ Mortar Sight

When first introduced the 2” mortar was issued with a separate collimating sight to enable it to be aimed and laid onto targets. This sight was made of metal and was fully adjustable:Twin spirit levels are fitted to ensure it is at the correct angle:Whilst the sight itself consists of a large rear notch and triangular front post:An adjustable dial on the side allows it to be moved in an arc for range:The sight has a circular collar that allows it to be slipped over the barrel of the mortar:This is knurled on the inside to allow it to grip the metal, a large twist screw being used to tighten it:The outside of the collar is marked up indicating it is for the 2” mortar:The sight is very well made and clearly well thought out, it was however quickly dropped when it was discovered that a white painted line on the barrel of the mortar worked just as well and was one less piece of equipment for the user to carry. Ironically troops found it quicker and more accurate to use the line than the sight and the army were pleasantly surprised to find the rate of fire could be far higher than they had originally envisaged.

Originally the 2” mortar sight has a specialised case to carry it in, however I have been unable to find any examples or photographs of the case- if anyone has any information please let me know and I will update the post accordingly.

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