Black 1″ Flare Tin

A couple of years ago we looked at the red RAF 1 inch flare tin here. Tonight, thanks to my good friend Andy Dixon, we are going to look at the scarcer army flare tin in black:imageDimensionally this tin is identical to the RAF version, with a removable lid and space for three flares. The front of the tin has the contents printed on it, indicating that this tin would hold 3 green signal cartridges:imageInterestingly the same information is printed on the inside of the tin. Presumably the Metal Box Company, who manufactured this tin, sometimes printed the same design on both sides of a sheet of tin before assembly:imageThe side of the tin has a date of manufacture, June 1944 and the factory code ‘12MB’:imageThe opposite side of the tin has a run of solder down it where the box was assembled:imageThe lid is a single pressed piece of tin, with an embossed triangle on it to indicate by touch that the contents are green flares, essential for use at night where it could be crucial that the right colour is selected:imageThe lid would have been secured with a strip of bitumous tape to keep moisture out- this was simply peeled off when the user need to get a cartridge out to fire. For some reason the black tins seem to be rarer than the red examples and wartime dated ones are harder to find than post war versions so this is a nice addition to my little flare pistol collection.

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