Troops in India on a Routemarch

Tonight we have the second in our trio of Indian Army press photos. Again this is a wonderfully taken shot and depicts a groups of recruits setting out from camp on a route march:skmbt_c36416120708292_0001The caption on the back reads:

A picture taken at an Army training establishment “somewhere in India” where Indians are undergoing training for Army life. Village boys joining the Army are given the opportunity of enjoying life on a wider scale, with good pay and many opportunities for advancement.

Photo shows:- Route March- out into the warm, sun bathed countryside the sepoys march. They are now fully-trained soldiers ready to carry on the tradition of the Indian Army. skmbt_c36416120708300_0001The main body of men marching out are all dressed in khaki drill uniforms with 08 pattern webbing and rifles:skmbt_c36416120708292_0001-copyAs on the last photo we had of Indian troops training, two distinct turban designs can be seen, those with a khulla being Muslim soldiers:skmbt_c36416120708292_0001-copy-2And those without being Sikhs:skmbt_c36416120708292_0001-copy-3A senior NCO marches beside his men, with his webbing set up to carry a revolver and binoculars, and a small cane in his hand:skmbt_c36416120708292_0001-copy-4A British officer can be seen further back keeping an eye on the column:skmbt_c36416120708292_0001-copy-5In the background can be seen the large sheds and workshops of the training base:skmbt_c36416120708292_0001-copy-6Route marches remain an integral part of military training. They help improve fitness and stamina, provide a good outlet for soldiers energy and help encourage ‘toughness’. They are also a good way for junior officers to practice map reading/getting lost without any major repercussions. Finally, perhaps the most important thing going for route marches is that they are very cheap! Always a consideration with tight military training budgets!

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