2″ Mortar Cleaning Kit Case

A few weeks back we looked at the 2” mortar cleaning brush here. Tonight we are taking a look at the accompanying cleaning case for the 2” mortar, which holds the brush amongst other items. The cleaning kit is housed in a large webbing wallet with a shoulder strap attached:imageOpening it up we can see a number of pockets and securing straps:imageThese hold the various components of the kit; a large tin lined pocket holds the brush head:imageThis has a quick release tab that opens a large flap allowing access to the brush head:imageA long pocket sits next to this to hold the folding cleaning rod:imageAgain the lid of this is secured with a tab and staple quick release buckle. The third and final set of pockets on the cleaning rod are a two part affair, the lower section holds the oil bottle, the same square one seen in the Bren spares kit, whilst a second pocket is sewn above this:imageThis again uses a quick release buckle and has an internal divider within to separate it into two spaces:imageI believe this would have held a small wrench used to take the mortar apart with. The case and its contents laid out looks as follows (minus the a few bits which I don’t have yet):fullsizerenderThe complete contents can be seen in this diagram from the user’s manual:imageThis mortar cleaning case dates from 1946, and has date, manufacturer and stores code printed on the edge of the top flap:imageThis is one of the simpler cleaning kits, especially compared to those for the automatic weapons, with relatively few parts to it, however what it lacks in components it makes up for in size and weight as this is a fairly substantial bit of kit. At some point I will need to add a 2” mortar to my collection, but for now it has been fun getting the cleaning kit together.

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