Royal Artillery Battery Staff Satchel

In the 1930s the Royal Artillery had their own, very extensive, set of webbing equipment. This was for the most part declared obsolete in 1939. One element however remained in use and indeed production for many years to come; the Battery Staff satchel:imageAlthough originally made in khaki webbing, this post war example is made of the same lightweight rot proof webbing as the 1944 pattern webbing sets then in production. The front of the satchel is secured with a quick release buckle:imageTurning to the rear of the satchel we can see that the methods of carrying this satchel are very different from most British webbing items:imageThe back of the satchel has two large belt loops:imageAnd a carrying handle on the top:imageI am only speculating here, but the belt loops might have been thought advantageous to artillery staff as it allows the satchel to be worn with just a belt and the satchel could be slid round the belt to move it out of the way if needed. Under the top flap of the satchel are a set of pen loops:imageSadly the markings on the underside of the flap are very faint, but I believe that it was manufactured in 1955:imageThe other marking include a manufacturer and the stores code CN1616. These satchels were to remain in use until 1976 when they were finally declared obsolete. They would have been used to hold maps, notebooks, range tables, message pads and pens for the battery commander in the field so he could make the correct calculations to ensure artillery fire was brought down where it was needed.

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