Singapore Christmas Card

I hope you have all had a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas. Tonight we come to the last of our festive trio of objects with another Christmas card, this time probably dating from the 1960s and coming from the Royal Navy base in Singapore. The card depicts four children being guided across the road by a Malay police officer:skmbt_c36416111811461_0001The inside of the card has the usual Christmas greetings:skmbt_c36416111811462_0001The notes at the bottom left caption the design on the front A typical cross section in these parts: Malay policeman with two Chinese children, one Malay (girl) & one Sikh boy. The card also indicates that the senders were at the HM Naval Base Singapore.singapore_naval_base_june_1953The Naval Base was officially designated HMS Terror, after the Erebus class monitor that was moored there for a time as an accommodation ship. As well as the usual barrack blocks there was a lot of facilities for families at the base, with many long serving personnel bringing their wives and children with them to live on the base. Amongst the facilities for families was a ‘Wives Guild’ that met every Tuesday in the Dockyard Club, schools, sports facilities and recreational clubs. A fascinating guide (albeit sadly only part of a larger booklet) for families on the base dating from the 1960s is available here.

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