Indian Army Parade Postcard

This week’s postcard takes us back to the days of Empire and the Indian Raj, with this impressive view of a military parade that I believe was taken somewhere in the sub-continent during the interwar period:skmbt_c36416111609030_0001The parade ground is cordoned off, with civilians sat on chairs around the perimeter to watch the occasion:skmbt_c36416111609030_0001-copy-8The odd British officer, not required for the parade, sits with the audience to cast a professional eye over proceedings:skmbt_c36416111609030_0001-copy-7One member of the audience, disregarding the heat, has dressed in British formal wear, complete with top hat:skmbt_c36416111609030_0001-copy-9In front of them the main body of troops can be seen marching in formation:skmbt_c36416111609030_0001-copy-2Led by a mounted officer:skmbt_c36416111609030_0001-copy-3Behind can be seen what appears to be artillery, drawn by mules distinctly smaller than the other horses on show:skmbt_c36416111609030_0001-copy-5A pair of mounted officers watch from the side, their chargers looking particularly impressive compared to the smaller animals drawing the guns:skmbt_c36416111609030_0001-copy-6Finally a lone soldier stands at attention to one side, holding a standard:skmbt_c36416111609030_0001-copy-4Parades were a regular occurrence for troops in India, however in most cases it was merely a display of drill to practice the men, full dress parades such as this in front of an audience were less common.

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