Union Jack Forces Newspapers

Throughout the war different British Army commands set up and ran their own newspapers for troops in theatre. The newspaper for the Mediterranean was called ‘Union Jack’ and was first published in Tunis in September 1943. Originally it was published three times a week, but later became a daily newspaper. The editor of the paper was something of a radical called Hugh Cudlipp who had been an editor of the Sunday Pictorial before the war and other radical columnists included William Connor who used the pen name ‘Cassandra’.

The newspaper featured sports, short stories and a section by Lance Corporal Bernard Brett called “Now We’re talking”. Alongside this were reprinted articles from British magazines , war news and a daily Italian lesson. Some idea of the scope of these forces newspapers can be ascertained by the print run which was reaching 380,000 copies daily in 1943.

The gallery below features some of these newspapers, which I have scanned in at high enough resolution that the content should be fairly readable!

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