2″ Mortar Cleaning Brush

The brush used to clean the bore on a rifle is a small affair, not so tonight’s bore brush which is designed for a 2” mortar:imageThis brush is about two feet long, and as such would be far too long to be carried easily by the operator in battle, therefore it folds down to fit in the spares case, with the head unscrewing and the shaft folding in half:imageThe folding shaft has a hinge made of two brass ferules that are jointed so the wood can be folded back on itself:imageThis is secured in the open position by a brass collar with a bayonet type fitting:imageThe brush head screws onto the shaft, with a second brass collar to secure it and prevent it from unscrewing in use:imageThe brush head itself has a wire bristles at the end and stiff horsehair bristles for the remainder. An iron loop is provided on the opposite end of the shaft:imageA cleanng sponge can be pushed through this loop and then used to sponge out the barrel. The wooden shaft is marked with the brush type, date of manufacture and stores codes stamped into the wood:imageThe brush was used to clean the mortar, as indicated in the weapon’s manual:

Lesson 2.- Stripping and Cleaning

Instructor’s Notes


Mortar, sight in case, mortar chest, cleaning rod and brush, oil container, sponge cloth and cotton waste.

Demonstrate and explain:-

  1. Stripping.- Press down barrel catch; unscrew barrel; remove firing pin and spring; replace in reverse order. Do not work firing mechanism unless a bomb is in the mortar.
  2. Cleaning.-

Before Firing.- Dry barrel with rod, sponge cloth and cotton waste; dry steel pad; slightly oil all clamps.

During Firing.- Unscrew and clean barrel and steel pad after every 10-20 bombs.

After Firing.- remove all dirt and fouling; clean and oil all over.

After Gas Attack.- Similar to that for the rifle as laid down in Pamphlet No3, 1937, Lesson 4.

Note.- A special oil (C.70) is to be used.

  1. Practise Squad.
  2. Show mortar chest and method of packing.

In the picture below an Australian soldier can be seen cleaning his mortar in the jungles of the Far East:capture

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