Canadian 51 Pattern Webbing Basic Pouch

A few weeks ago we looked at the complete 51 pattern webbing set of Iain McRuvie here. At the time I said we would look at the individual components in more detail as and when I added them to my collection. I am happy to say that since that post a reader, Stuart Howes, has been in touch and kindly helped hook me up with a pair of mint 51 pattern ammunition pouches to start my set off with. The pouches themselves are slightly larger than a traditional 37 pattern basic pouch and are pre-dyed in a deep green shade:imageThe flaps are secured with a quick release tab and a metal staple and loop:imageThe back of each pouch has two sets of loops, to allow it to be worn in either a high or a low position:imageA central tab is fitted to the rear of the pouch with a hook on the end that can engage with eyelets on the belt to prevent the pouch from sliding along the belt:imageAt the top a darkened metal fitting is provided to attach the pouch to the cross straps and to hook the L-straps of the pack to:imageThese pouches are marked under the top flaps, but due to the darkness of the webbing even on these mint unissued pouches it is hard to make out many details:imageHere a Canadian soldier can be seen wearing the 51 pattern webbing set during trials of the Heller anti-tank weapon in 1956:hellerIn close up the pouch can be seen in greater detail:heller-copyIt is noticeable that it is larger than a traditional 37 pattern pouch, but otherwise the two webbing sets look similar form some angles such as this. This is the first piece of the webbing set I have picked up so far- one of several different sets I am now trying o complete. As is often the case, tracking down the components of Commonwealth equipment sets can be tricky but the fun lies in the challenge!

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