WW1 Australian Officer Postcard

If any single event can be said to have helped forge the Australian nation it was the First World War. From its experiences at Gallipoli to the Western Front, the ANZACs helped create a unique identity for the country and a sense that to be Australian was different to being English. The Australian military forces grew rapidly and officers were drawn increasingly from members of the fledgling nation rather than using the British. Tonight we have a delightful photograph, that turned up on the market a month or so back, that depicts an Australian Army officer and his wife:skmbt_c36416092011340_0001Sadly someone has coated the photograph with varnish at some point which has resulted in the unfortunate brown shade of the print now. On a happier note though we have the name of the officer recorded on the rear in pencil. He is a Mr A W Marler of Penrith, New South Wales. He is dressed in the standard officer’s service dress of the time:skmbt_c36416092011340_0001-copy-7With the shirt and tie expected of his position:skmbt_c36416092011340_0001-copy-4He wears a brown leather Sam Brown belt:skmbt_c36416092011340_0001-copy-5And his rank of lieutenant is clearly visible from the two ‘pips’ on his shoulders:skmbt_c36416092011340_0001-copy-3His cap has the large ‘rising sun’ cap badge of the Australian military:skmbt_c36416092011340_0001-copyThe same badge is repeated in smaller sizes on his collar dogs:skmbt_c36416092011340_0001-copy-2I think this photograph was probably taken towards the end of the war as not only is his rank on his shoulders rather than his sleeves, but his wife is wearing a less formal dress associated with the later period than the more formal Edwardian clothes more often seen at the start of the Great War:skmbt_c36416092011340_0001-copy-6I have tried to find out some more information on Lieutenant Marler, but so far I have drawn a blank. If any readers can help fill in details of his life and service please get in contact as it would be nice to add a little detail to the picture. Australian Officers had a reputation for being far more relaxed with their men than their British counterparts, as related in this anecdote:

London 1918. An English Major, red in the face with anger approaches an Aussie Major in the street. “I say” he asks “are those chaps over there yours?” The Australian has a look and replies “Yair, looks like it”. “Well” says the Pom “they just called me a silly old bastard. What are you going to do about it?” Well, you’re not are you?” asks Aus. “Of course not” fumes the Pride of England. “Well, run over there and tell ’em that they’re bloody liars” answered the Digger officer.

2 thoughts on “WW1 Australian Officer Postcard

  1. 'CC' Richards, Daytripper Sippers

    This may be Lieutenant William Randall Marler and his wife Agnes of Granville, Sydney. (Penrith may be a later address?) You can look up his records on the Australian War Memorial site awm.gov.au. In return I’m sure they would appreciate a copy of his photo. Also the National Archives of Australia has scanned copies of WWI service files. http://recordsearch.naa.gov.au/SearchNRetrieve/Interface/ViewImage.aspx?B=8207799
    Hope that helps. Cheerios, CC


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