Gulf War Sleeping Bag Liner

The First Gulf War found the British Army very underprepared in some areas of equipment- the army not having expected to fight in desert conditions at any time in the foreseeable future. Quickly orders were placed for new uniforms, equipment and accessories to suit the conditions with the new items delivered remarkable rapidly. Interestingly these items are often marked with the British Army’s code name for its operations in the Gulf War ‘Granby’. This particular item is a tan sleeping bag liner, still in the plastic package from stores:imageThe label on the liner indicates it was made by Trendsetter Quilts Ltd in 1991- note both the large /|\ markings and the ‘Granby’ on the label:imageThis information is repeated on the plastic bag, along with a hand stamped date of 29th April 199?:imageTrendsetter Quilts were a firm from Oldham Lancashire that had been founded in 1972, sadly like so much of British manufacturing they are currently dissolved, seemingly having gone out of business in May of this year.

I have not unpacked my sleeping bag liner as I am not convinced I will be able to fold it back up again afterwards, but this image from another site shows what it consists of:liner-sleeping-bag-3A sleeping bag liner is used to add extra warmth to a sleeping bag without adding a lot of extra weight to be carried. They work by trapping an additional layer of air between the user and the outside, this aids insulation and helps keep body heat in and cold out. A sleeping bag liner also aids hygiene as it can be easily washed and helps prevent the sleeping bag from absorbing body odours, sweat etc.

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