WW1 Highlander Postcard

This week’s postcard depicts a young kilted Scottish soldier, probably taken at the outbreak of World War One in a photographer’s studio:skmbt_c36416080909370_0001Our chap is wearing a glengarry, sadly the angle is such that it is not possible to get a clear view of the cap badge and a clear identification of the regiment:skmbt_c36416080909370_0001-copyA number of regiments wore kilts in World War One, the regular ones being:

The Black Watch

Cameron Highlanders

Gordon Highlanders

Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders

Seaforth Highlanders

There were also various other territorial regiments where just one battalion wore kilts;

10th Battalion Kings (Liverpool Scottish) Regiment

14th Battalion London (London Scottish) Regiment

6th Battalion Highland Light Infantry

9th Battalion Highland Light Infantry

9th Battalion Royal Scots

There were also a number of colonial regiments who were kilted. Our highlander wears the Scottish service dress jacket, with a cutaway front to allow it to be worn with a kilt:skmbt_c36416080909370_0001-copy-3The pocket of the kilt apron can also be seen in the above photograph. A kilt apron, such as this one, was worn to protect the expensive kilt from dirt and damage. These came in both full and front only versions, this being an example of the latter as witnessed by the pleats of the kilt being visible at the soldier’s side:skmbt_c36416080909370_0001-copy-6His jacket is worn with an 08 belt:skmbt_c36416080909370_0001-copy-2And he wears hose, ribbons and spats:skmbt_c36416080909370_0001-copy-4As is often the case in studio portraits he carries a regimental cane in his hand:skmbt_c36416080909370_0001-copy-5As usual if anyone can help with a positive regimental ID please get in contact and I will update and credit accordingly.

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