1925 Pattern Waistbelt

Tonight we come to what will probably be the final piece of 1925 pattern webbing we look at for some time (unless someone has a pair of 1925 pattern rifle ammunition pouches they’d be happy to part with); the belt. The belt is a three part construction, very similar to the 1919 pattern belt we looked at here:imageAs in so many of Mill’s products the belt is made of 2” wide webbing, with a pair of 1” Twigg buckles sewn to the rear with short webbing chapes to allow the webbing set to be attached to the shoulder braces:imageUniquely to the 1925 pattern belt, a pair of brass male press stud fasteners are attached to the belt:imageThese marry up with the female part on the 1925 bayonet frog (see here for more information) to keep the frog from sliding up and down the belt. The two ends of the belt containing the belt buckle are removable from the centre back piece allowing them to be replaced with the cartridge carriers or for adjustment of the belt. If we flip the belt over we can see the brass ‘C’ hooks used for size adjustment and a webbing loop to help hold everything together neatly:imageNote the rear of the two male press stud fasteners on the bottom edge of hte belt. The ends of the belt are sewn onto the brass male and female parts of the buckle:imageThese belts are seen in use alongside the later 1937 pattern belt and were worn as part of the rifle set, the pistol set, with just a bayonet and frog for parades and on their own as a replacement for the cloth waist belt of the RAF serge airman’s uniform.

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