South African 37 Pattern Basic Pouch

Collecting up the empire made 37 pattern webbing sets is a long process, with some countries sets being harder to find than others. My South African set is definitely one of these long term projects so I was very pleased to find an ammunition pouch for the set recently, I still need a second one, but it’s a start:imageThe quality of this pouch is, frankly, appalling and is far worse than even Indian made pouches. The cotton is loosely woven, with a distinctive yellowish colour and the metal fittings of very poor quality, the top flap of the pouch is fitted with a locally produced press stud:imageThe back of the pouch is fitted with two wire hangers to attach it to the belt:imageThese are again of poor quality and the webbing has frayed slightly around one of them, where the corrosion form the hook has weakened it:imageAll the metal fittings are of poor quality alloy; they would often originally have been painted gold, but this has worn off and the top buckle has tarnished to a dark rust colour:imageThe underside of the top flap has three loops for ballistite cartridges, note also the faint /|\ inside a ‘U’ mark indicating South African ownership:imageThe maker’s mark is also printed on the underside, here for S.A.P.A.W. (South African Proving and Weaving Company (Pty) Ltd) one of two webbing manufacturers in the Cape, both based in Johannesburg:imageFor a complete set of South African 37 pattern webbing, you cannot do better than check out this thread on Warrelics forum and Karkee’s superb complete set.

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