Surgical Towel Clamp

The range of medical instruments used by surgeons is vast, and like everything else military issued examples are normally marked to show ownership. My thanks go to Darren Pyper for his help in identifying tonight’s object as a ‘Surgical Towel Clamp’:imageThis medical instrument has curved ends to it, which can open to grasp things:imageA latch mechanism allows it to be secured in the closed position, with one arm having a single raised ridge:imageAnd the opposite having a pair of these ridges just above the finger loops:imageThese interlock preventing the clamp from opening until the operator moves them slightly apart by hand to open the instrument. The /|\ mark is stamped onto the instrument indicating military ownership:imageThis instrument is losing a little of its plating, but is still in excellent condition. Sadly it is impossible to date it as the bqasic designs have not changed in decades. I must confess I know nothing about surgical instruments, but a quick search reveals a ‘towel clamp is a perforating clamp used for grasping tissue, securing towels or drapes and holding or reducing small bone fractures’. This instrument is but one of many different and varied tools used by surgeons and medics, I must confess the number is overwhelming so I will content myself with picking a few up as they appear cheaply and they will go nicely with my slowly expanding selection of medical items.

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