NBC Haversack Mk2

When the S6 respirator was initially introduced it was issued in a canvas wedge shaped bag, we looked at here. This haversack had a number of problems- it was too small and the material made it very hard to decontaminate. A new, larger, Mk 2 haversack was introduced as part of the 1972 trials set of webbing and was one of the few pieces that made it into general use. The haversack is made from butyl-nylon that could be scrubbed down to remove chemical and radiological particles more easily:imageThis haversack has a large box flap, secured with a press stud:imageUnderneath the flap, this stud is reinforced by two strips of Velcro:imageOn one side of the haversack is a pocket to hold the DKP1 decontamination kit:imageThe opposite side has a pressed metal disc used to wrap a securing cord around to hold the haversack close to the body when its worn with the shoulder strap rather than the belt loop:imageThe rear of the haversack has a strap and hook for slinging the bag over the shoulder and a large belt loop for attaching it to the 1958 pattern webbng set:imageAn army training manual of the period explained:

  • The respirator haversack is attached to the belt on the right side by slipping the belt through the loop on the haversack.
  • Ensure it is situated on the belt as close as possible to the right rear yoke strap.

Under the top flap of the haversack are two elastic loops for holding various items and the manufacturer’s details, NSN code and date, 1993 are printed here:imageTwo different variants of the haversack exist, with different NSN codes, one for the right handed facemask and one for the left handed version:

Haversack Mk 2 for right handed facepiece- A2 8465-99-132-2299

Haversack Mk 2a for left handed facepiece- A2 8465-99-137-1438

Inside the haversack there are a number of pockets for the various components including a large pocket at the base for a spare canister:imageThe mask fits over this, face down:imageA set of pockets across the front holds the other items:imageThe official stowage for the haversack was:

Spare Canister (Sealed): Internal pocket, right side

Kit Decontamination No1 Mk1 (DKP1): External pocket, left side.

Kit Decontamination No2 Mk1 (DKP2): Internal pocket, front

Detector Paper No2 Mk1 One Colour: Internal pocket, front

Cloth Disinfecting: Internal pocket, front

Combopens: Individual pockets within Internal pocket, front

S6 Respirator: Forehead down, canister over spare canister

Nerve Agent Pre-treatment Set (NAPS): As per Standard Operating Procedures

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