Late Victorian Royal Navy Photograph

Regular readers of this blog will know I love a good period postcard or photograph, especially when it’s packed with detail, looking at these photographs carefully highlights all sorts of little things that are not immediately apparent and tonight we have a wonderful photograph of a Royal navy warship in harbour in the late Victorian or Edwardian period that came up on Huddersfield Market a few weeks back:SKMBT_C36416061412100_0001 - Copy (12) - CopyThe ship does not appear to be painted in grey, showing that she is still in the old paint colours of the Victorian Navy. Flying from the stern is a large white ensign:SKMBT_C36416061412100_0001 - Copy (5) - CopyIn the foreground can be seen a series of large ventilators used to force fresh air to the lower decks:SKMBT_C36416061412100_0001 - Copy (2) - CopyWinding in front of these is a raised walkway:SKMBT_C36416061412100_0001 - Copy (2)Leading to a boat deck:SKMBT_C36416061412100_0001 - Copy (3) - CopyThese boats are lowered into the water by a series of davits down the side of the ship:SKMBT_C36416061412100_0001 - Copy (11) - CopyOne of these sea boats can be seen alongside the ship in the harbour:SKMBT_C36416061412100_0001 - Copy (10) - CopyThe harbour itself has a large warehouse:SKMBT_C36416061412100_0001 - Copy (6) - CopyAnd railway wagons can be seen lined up on the quay, presumably bringing coal to refuel the bunkers on the ships who have entered the port:SKMBT_C36416061412100_0001 - Copy (7) - CopyThe right hand side of the photograph is dominated by the ship’s funnels:SKMBT_C36416061412100_0001 - Copy (4) - CopyOne of the ship’s waist guns can be seen on the left, this smaller gun being part of the secondary armament designed to repel small fast torpedo boats, not the completely open back and the sailors standing around watching the photographer with mild interest:SKMBT_C36416061412100_0001 - Copy (8) - CopyA further two sailors can be seen stood next to a small hand powered tool of some sort, again the photographer must have been of more interest than their work!SKMBT_C36416061412100_0001 - Copy (9) - Copy

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