PLCE Other Arms Pistol Holster

Whilst the PLCE webbing set was primarily designed for infantry use, one of the aims of the design was to allow it to be flexible for use by all branches of the forces. As such a number of holsters were produced that were compatible with the set, including one described as ‘Holster, Pistol, Other Arms’:imageThe holster is made of DPM infrared resistant nylon and has a large pouch on the front for a spare Browning magazine:imageA nylon tie, secured with Velcro, passes over the top to prevent the magazine from being lost:imageSadly I do not have a Browning Hi-Power to demonstrate how the holster works, so I hope my 1922 will suffice to show the general principle:imageThe gun is secured in the holster by a nylon strap that fits over the rear of the pistol grip and secured to the holster with both Velcro and a Newey fastener:imageBelow the holster is a green strap with a Nexus fastener, allowing the holster to be secured to a thigh strap if required:imageTurning to the rear of the holster, the belt fasteners are covered by a large flap, again secured with Velcro and Newey Studs:imageLifting the flap revels a T-Bar plastic tab that locates into the holes on the rear of the PLCE belt:imageAlso under the flap is the manufacturer’s label with the items description and NATO stores code (8465-99-978-5365):imageThe top of the holster has a metal triangular tab that allows the yoke to be attached:imageNote also the Velcro and popper that allow an optional flap to be attached to the holster to offer more protection to the pistol.

With the adoption of the Glock 19 these holsters have now become obsolete- the new weapon needing a specialist holster to engage all its safety features- as such these items of webbing are easily available on the surplus market for a few pounds. I must confess it is only recently that I have started paying much attention to the more modern areas of collecting, but the prices are excellent, in the wake of Iraq and Afghanistan the items are easily available and I can see these items getting scarcer in years to come as interest in the conflicts increases- well worth investing in now if it interests you.

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