Canadian 1951 Pattern Browning Holster

Following the end of the Second World War, Canada decided to move away from British military equipment and weapons and move more towards the US for its inspiration. To this end the country began acquiring US designed webbing to equip its forces and sold off a lot of 1937 pattern equipment. This plan came to a juddering halt when the Korean War broke out and the Canadian Army found itself desperately short of equipment; a new equipment set was rapidly developed that could accommodate both British and American weapons and this was christened the 51 pattern set. One home grown weapon that the Canadians used was the excellent Browning Hi Power 9mm automatic and a special web holster was developed for this:imageThe holster is made of olive-drab cotton webbing (this example has been blacked at some point), with a single flap closure, secured with a quick release tab and staple fastener:imageA large pouch is attached to the front of the holster:imageA spare browning box magazine:imageFits snuggly inside this pouch, which secures with a Newey stud:imageThe inside of the pouch has metal reinforcement to help keep the magazine protected:imageThe rear of the holster has a large belt loop:imageAnd a wire ‘C’ hanger to allow the holster to be slung from an eyeleted belt:imageThis design feature allows the holster to be worn with not only the 1951 pattern belt, but also older stocks of P37 and US M1910 style belts. Opening up the holster we can see traces of the original olive drab colour:imageAlthough produced by Canada, these holsters saw British Army use as the 58 pattern webbing set was originally designed without a holster for the Browning automatic used extensively at the time- the Canadian 51 pattern holster was a popular substitute in the early Cold War. This is the first piece of 1951 pattern Canadian Equipment I have found, and I would like to find more pieces in the future- like the Aussie webbing however that is not always the easiest thing on this side of the world!

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