58 Pattern Binoculars Case

When the 1958 pattern webbing set was introduced officer’s equipment such as compass pouches and binocular cases were not included in the initial design- earlier 37 pattern or 44 pattern examples soldiered on and were attached as best they could to the new webbing set. This was clearly unsustainable as they did not fit properly and were always in danger of falling off- therefore a purpose designed binoculars case was introduced to match the rest of the 1958 pattern set:imageThe case is made of green, pre-shrunk cotton and is far more angular than its predecessors, a box flap is provided to protect the top of the pouch:imageThis is secured by a brass turn button:imageOn the rear C-hooks allow the case to be secured to the waistbelt, whilst a webbing loop above allows the yoke to be passed through to prevent the case from falling forward:imageThis case is marked under the flap, but as is often the case with the 58 pattern equipment this is hard to read due to the dark colour of the underlying webbing:imageI believe this example dates form 1968, but it is hard to read. This case was made by MW&S, Martin Wright & Sons Ltd. The stores number can be seen below which is a pre-NATO code.

The case would have held the small binoculars No 2 in use since the Great War, the case being well padded to help protect the optics. It must be said that British binoculars were not highly regarded by those using them, and often superior West German brands were privately purchased that may or may not have fitted in the 58 pattern cases.

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