1939 Pattern Bayonet Frog

The 1939 pattern leather equipment set has always interested me, but it was only this week that I finally picked up my first piece, a 1939 pattern bayonet frog. The 1939 pattern leather equipment set was designed in a weekend at the start of World War Two when it was realised that, as in the Great War, there was insufficient cotton webbing production capacity to meet the country’s need but surplus capacity in the leather industry. The 1939 pattern set is a virtual copy of the 1937 pattern webbing set, but in leather. As can be seen the bayonet frog is identical in design to its webbing equivalent, with only a few minor changes to accommodate the manufacture in a thicker and less flexible material:imageThe two loops that retain the scabbard stud are the same as on the webbing frog:imageHowever instead of being sewn to the rest of the frog they are secured by eight brass hose rivets:imageThe top loop to prevent the handle of the bayonet from moving around is again replicated in leather:imageThese frogs were one of the most used elements of the 1939 pattern set as they were adopted by the Home Guard for use with their bayonets. As the Home Guard was heavily equipped with American P17 rifles, the American bayonet and scabbard were frequently placed in the frog. However as the American design lacked a frog stud they were held in purely by friction and were far less secure than when used with English bayonets! Here a Home Guardsman can be seen clearly wearing a bayonet in a frog, the stiffness of which suggests it is the leather 1939 pattern example:124943841

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