Cap, Cold Weather, DPM

Tonight we are looking at one of the more ridiculous items of headgear from the British Army, amongst a long list of ridiculous hats. The ‘Cap, Cold Weather, DPM’ is a particularly warm hat, designed for use in the Arctic , Norway and other sub-zero temperatures. It is fur lined with two ear flaps that fasten above the head and a synthetic fur inner to keep the wearer warm:imageThe whole of the inside of the cap is pile lined with a khaki green shade of fur, described by Arrsepedia as the “world’s most itchy substance (developed at Porton Down to be smuggled into Russian issue underwear factories, thus adding an interesting paragraph to the Russian equivalent of the chemical safety rule)”:imageA peak is attached to the front that can be worn either turned up or down, note the multiple rows of stitching to reinforce and stiffen the fabric:imageThe crown of the hat is made of a number of pieces, sewn together and meeting in the centre:imageThe disruptive pattern material used in the making of the cap is the temperate green colour with the shade being typical of that used in the late Cold War. The earflaps are secured either above or below the hat with Velcro:imageA label is sewn into the hat, giving size and contract numbers:imageThe hat has received a number of nicknames over the years including the ‘Dangerous Brian Hat’, ‘Deputy Dawg Hat’ and the ‘Fozzie Bear’ hat. Whilst the hat is very effective in cold climates, it is generally regarded as making the wearer look particularly ridiculous, therefore this photograph of a WRAC wearing one on arctic training in Norway is particularly rare in showing someone pulling off wearing the hat successfully:image

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