In the 1950s the British Army started to move away from the machetes that had been in use since the Great War and adopted a shorted blade known as a golok as the standard brush clearing tool. The name ‘golok’ comes from Indonesia and describes a blade that tends to be shorter and heavier than a traditional machete and generally does not get suck as easily in green wood. This example is typical of the type used in the 1980s and comes in a green cloth scabbard:image

The blade is made of steel with a distinctive, slightly curved blade:imageThe handle is made of wood, painted olive green:imageThe blade is marked as having been made by Martindale:imageMartindale made machetes for the British Army for decades, as ever these days though manufacture has been shipped out to the far east. This golok is dated 1980:imageNote the /|\ marking. The scabbard is green cloth with a metal reinforcement on the throat:imageA wire hanger allows it to be attached to a belt:imageThe following, wonderfully irreverent, description of the golok comes from Arrsepedia:

The machete could often be found painted in camouflage colours; partly to prevent the crude 13″ steel blade rusting, but mainly for effect. Carriage of this tool on one’s belt kit marked the wearer as a man amongst men and one who’d survived the rigours of the ‘J’. He was to be respected, for he was ally as feck. Many beers were to be purchased for said wearer, and (if possible) young virgins sacrificed for his pleasure.

Unfortunately – like most things – it was not to last. Someone in their infinite wisdom decided that this nailsest of blades needed replacing and thus a ‘new & improved’ golok was introduced in the mid-’90s.

The latest issue machete is gay by comparison to its predecessor – and is significantly shorter by three inches (or so). It comes in a butyl PLCE-compatible sheath that is available in either olive green or DPM.

Though the old pattern golok is no longer a 1098 item, it is still commercially available and would be the ideal tool for impressing young nigs, officers and the ladies. It would also be the weapon of choice for whipping turnips off should it all go Pete Tong in amongst the Zulus.

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