1980s/90s GS Ration Pack

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to receive a massive collection of 1980s British Army kit from a good friend of mine, Andy Dixon, who is downsizing his collection. Needless to say we will be looking at some of these items over the coming months, starting tonight with a General Service Ration Pack as used from the mid 1970s, this example dates from around 1991 and is the sort used in the First Gulf War.

This ration pack was designed to sustain a man for 24 hours, and a man was issued one or two and carried the contents in the kidney pouches of his 58 pattern webbing. There was a limited choice of menus, four different options being produced and generally was well liked by troops, if a bit monotonous. The box is made of stiff cardboard and has the following contents (as ever click on the image for a clearer version and the key):1980s Ration Pack 1The plastic packet of drinks and sundries has the following contents:1980s Ration Pack 2A paper leaflet is included that gives details of the different menus available:imageAnd how to prepare the contents of the ration pack:imageFor more details on ration packs in the 1980s Forces 80s has an excellent page covering the subject in much more detail here.

2 thoughts on “1980s/90s GS Ration Pack

  1. TeleOp

    Got any for sale at all, or know where I can get one?

    Ex stab and forces brat who is building a collection of rat packs….


    1. hatchfive Post author

      I’m afraid not. As you have probably realised these things are getting rarer and this is the only one I have in my collection. If i hear of any for sale I will let you know.


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