WS 88 Hand Set

Regular readers might remember that I added a post War WS88 set radio to my collection at the start of the year (see here). As I explained then, finding accessories for both this and the WS38 set was a long term project and therefore I was very pleased to be able to add my first extra bit so quickly. This officer’s handset came up on a dealers site without any formal identification and I must confess I didn’t clock it as an WS88 accessory at first, it was only on closer inspection of the seller’s picture that I realised the significance and quickly snapped it up to go with my radio set. The WS88 set was fitted with two connectors on the top so that in addition to the operator’s head set, a separate telephone style hand set could be attached to allow an officer to use the radio as well without having to borrow the headset. The handset, officially known as Telephone, Hand, No.11 consists of a dark green hard rubber moulded telephone type receiver, attached to a long cable:imageThe end of the cable has a three prong male connector:imageThis attaches into the top of the WS88 set:imageThe handset is reinforced with wire down the back of the handgrip :imageThe speaking end of the handset contains a microphone and is left as the hard green rubber:imageThe speaker end has a softer rubber pad fitted to increase the comfort in use:imageAs can be seen from the markings within the pad this part is marked ‘MkII’, with a stores code of YA7225. This handset is the first part of what will continue to be an on-going project to find all the elements that go with the WS88 set. I have found a full list of the required elements:

  • WS88 type A (ZA.32972) or type B (ZA.33621)
  • Mic/Rec headgear No.15 (ZA.32998)
  • Telephone, Hand, No.11 (YA.8079)
  • Aerial, Vertical, 4-ft, No.3 (ZA.32934)
  • Aerial, 4-ft 2-in, No.1 (ZA.32962)
  • Working instructions No.2 (Metal) (ZA.32991)
  • Pouch, Battery (ZA.33127)
  • Pouch, Set (ZA.33126)
  • Satchel, Signal No.1 (ZA.6292) or Haversack No.1 (8465-99-940-0047)
  • Strap, Webb, 10-in x 3/4-in No.1 (ZA.33168)image

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