S10 Respirator Haversack

When the S10 respirator, which we looked at a few weeks ago, was introduced a new haversack was issued to hold it and the other NBC accessories a soldier might need. Whilst its predecessor had been made of olive drab butyl vinyl, this new haversack was made of nylon and came in temperate DPM camouflage:imageThe bag has a large lidded flap, secured with Velcro and poppers and a small external pouch on one end:imageThis was used to store a DKP1 pack, used for decontamination. The back of the haversack has a cloth tab secured with Velcro and two press studs:imageThis can be used to pass a belt through, or opened to reveal two plastic tabs that allow the haversack to be securely fixed to a set of PLCE webbing:imageA simple shoulder strap is fitted to allow the haversack to be worn on its own if needed:imageThe haversack opens to reveal a large area, dominated here by the S10 respirator:imageThere are two elasticated straps under the lid of the haversack:imageAnd several pockets inside the main body:imageThese all had specific items that should be stowed in them, as illustrated in this diagram from an Early 1990s copy of Survive to Fight: SKMBT_C36416021808050_0001This haversack has a makers label dating it to 2000:imageThe NATO stores number is printed on the haversack and matches that in the stores catalogue:UntitledThese haversacks are fairly easy to maintain, but soldiers were given advice on using them:

HAVERSACK. Check that:

  1. The shoulder strap is not frayed or damaged
  2. The body cord is clean and free from damage.
  3. The haversack is clean and free from damage.
  4. All rubbish, clutter and non-essential items have been removed from the haversack.
  5. No permanent identification of ownership is visible on the haversack or the shoulder strap, (with the exception of the attached fibre identity disc.
  6. The two stainless steel identity discs engraved with name, service number, blood group and religion, complete with nickel plated neck chains and connectors, are secured inside the haversack.

CONTENTS OF THE HAVERSACK. The peacetime contents of the haversack should be:

  1. Form S3138 Haversack Card.
  2. The Respirator (fitted with training canister)
  3. Spare canister (to remain sealed in foil unless ordered).
  4. Cleaning cloth
  5. Cap, modified, water bottle
  6. Stainless steel identity discs, with chains.

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