1908 Pattern Shoulder Braces

Continuing our detailed study of the components of the 08 webbing set, tonight we are considering the shoulder braces. These are made of webbing, which are two inches wide throughout. This combined with the three inch wide belt used on this set make for a particularly comfortable set of webbing to wear- which is just as well as full it held 150 rounds of .303 ammunition. There were two distinct types of braces for the 08 webbing set, the first had an expanded central section, but this was swiftly dropped in favour of a simple piece of webbing with a consistent width for the length of the strap, introduced under L of C entry No15048 on 22nd November 1909. We turn to the 1913 fitting instructions for a description of the braces:

These are interchangeable, and each consists of a strip of webbing 50 inches long and 2-inches wide.  imageEach brace is provided with a sliding buckle for the attachment of the pack. image The pack is secured to, but must not hang from the buckles.

The ends of the braces are reinforced with eyeleted brass tips to prevent the ends form fraying in use. The rear of one of these braces has a regimental stamp of KRR:imageThis stands for the King’s Royal Rifle Corps, the number 5600 indicates that the owner was a pre-war regular who had joined the regiment as early as 1903. Sadly no maker’s marks are visible on either of these braces, but that is not unexpected considering they had been used and are probably more than a hundred years old.

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