Canadian Summer Uniform Trousers

In 1933 the Canadian Army introduced a new summer uniform of khaki drill in a distinctive pale green colour. To save money this uniform was only issued to permanent troops and not reservists and had a relatively short life span, being largely dropped on the outbreak of the Second World War. As late as 1938 the Department of National Defence refused to issue the uniform to non-permanent force members on the grounds of cost. As can be expected from such a short service life, this makes the uniform a little rarer than most so I was very pleased to be able to purchase a pair of trousers from it this week. Sadly they are in a size 1 which means they are far too small for me, but they will do in my collection until I come across a large pair. The trousers themselves are made of a thick cotton drill in that distinctive shade:imageThe fly is fastened with pressed metal buttons:imageThe same buttons are used on the inside of the waistband to attach braces:imageThe soldier also has the option of wearing a belt as loops are provided:imageThese would have been used with a Canadian Army issue brown leather belt. The trousers have simple internal pockets on each hip, with a ‘slash’ opening on the seam:imageThe size, ‘1’, is stamped onto the waistband:imageThe trousers are clearly marked with a /|\ inside a ‘C’ indicating their Canadian origin:imageAnd a couple of stamps for the Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps, as the ‘Royal’ designation was only adopted in 1936 these trousers must have been issued after that date:imageimageThese stamps also indicate that these trousers were issued in Aurora, Ontario. Sadly a combination of these trousers being too small and a lack of a suitable jacket prevent me from presenting my own reconstruction of this uniform; I am therefore grateful to Michael Skriletz for permission to use his excellent reconstruction of a private from the Royal Canadian Regiment in 1939:1486824_717201918290391_1164219650_nFor more fantastic British and Empire uniform reconstructions please look at the ‘British Empire Uniforms 1939-1943’ page on Facebook.

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