Second World War Amateur Poetry

Although it is the First World War that is most associated with poetry, amateur poets were also active in the second and tonight we have a pair of hand written poems that came to light on Huddersfield Second Hand Market this week. They are written on either side of a single sheet of writing paper and are not bad poems, especially considering some of the doggerel written at the period! This poem came as part of a large grouping relating to a RASC driver, and I suspect they were written by him. We will look at other items in the grouping over the next few weeks.

The first poem expresses the serviceman’s desire to see his home again:SKMBT_C36416021609520_0001Have you ever driven neath a blazing sun,

From dawn until the day is done,

With water scarce, your throat so dry,

You curse like hell at the cloudless sky

Each time you halt, your thoughts will roam,

But always to that place called home.

You swallow a lump as you snatch a look,

At a loved one’s photo in your pocket book,

Then on your way over that sandy track

You deliver your load and then get back,

Each journey over, each duty done,

Is another blow at the dirty hun.

The day will dawn, we hope ere long,

When you mount your truck with a cheery song,

The war is over, thank God says you,

And forget the misery you’ve been through,

Then you hand it back to the V.R.D.

And turn your steps towards the sea.

No perils await you on the foam

You’re on your way to home sweet home.

The other poem is written for his wife and expresses the pain of being parted:SKMBT_C36416021609521_0001I sit and dream neath the starry sky,

Of the lands we wondered in day gone by,

The smell of clover mixed with hay,

The wonderful things we had to say,

The years rolled on the children came,

Our love my dear remained the same,

Many troubles and trials came our way,

But like true pals together we won the day,

We never thought the day would dawn,

When from each other we’d be torn,

That I would sit on desert sand,

Miles away in a distant land,

But the day will come we hope ere long,

When once again you will hear this song,

Of people free with joy in life,

Again together my darling wife.

Neither may be a great piece of literature, but they express the feelings of this man in a very profound way.

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