Royal Navy No6 Uniform Jacket

The Naval Ratings handbook of 1968 noted that ‘Tropical rig (No 6s and No 10s). A free issue of tropical rig is made to each rating on the first occasion of drafting abroad or to ships where tropical clothing is required’. Tonight we are looking at the jacket from a set of No 6 tropical from the 1960s or 1970s:imageThe jacket is made of white cotton drill, with blue trim on the bottom and cuffs:imageOn the right sleeve is a trade patch for a rating qualified as a ‘Radar Plot’:imageThe opposite sleeve has the anchor of a Leading Hand and a single good conduct stripe indicating four years of undetected crime:imageThe blue jean collar on this uniform is permanently sewn into the rest of the uniform rather than being separate as in the temperate uniform:imageThe front of the jacket fastens with a white metal zip:imageThe full No 6 uniform is illustrated in the Ratings Handbook:imageAs can be seen it would have been worn with a silk and lanyard over a white front shirt. These uniforms were worn for ceremonial occasions in hot weather locations. Opportunities for this are far more limited today than they were in the past, for instance Hong Kong had a rich ceremonial calendar with the No 6 uniform worn on many occasions:image


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