Folding Saw

A long time ago we looked at a folding saw from the First World War here. Tonight we are looking at a later example of this same tool, this one dating to the end of the Second World War. This set comes in a green cotton carrying case, rather than the leather used on the earlier design:imageOn the rear a belt loop and wire hook give options for attaching the case to belts and webbing:imageThe case is faintly stamped:imageInside the case are a number of handles, the saw and some tools:Publication1These are:

  1. Two part handles for the saw
  2. Handles for the file blades
  3. Folding Saw
  4. Files for Sharpening saw teeth
  5. Setting tool for the teeth

The two part handles are fitted to the saw for use, the male part is passed through the loop on the end of the saw blade and the female part screws on:imageThese are much more comfortable than the bit of string recommended in previous years and prevented the file handles being used for this purpose which was also common and ended up in the breaking quickly. The blade itself is faintly dated 1945, has the /|\ mark and a manufacturer’s name of Francis Wood & Sons Ltd:imageInterestingly the saw is made by the same company who made my WW1 example thirty years before. These saws are very useful for felling branches and other rough work outside, and were especially useful in the jungle for clearing small trees to create a small landing area for a helicopter or for dropping supplies.

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