Air Ministry Coat Hanger

It is only when you begin collecting that you realise the sheer number of different everyday items that are marked up as having been used by one of the services. War Department, Admiralty and Air Ministry marked items include everything from furniture to egg cups, and tonight we are looking at an Air Ministry coat hanger:imageThese days servicemen have to buy their own hangers; I had a desperate run to the NAAFI on my first night of basic training when I realised I needed four hangers and not the two I had been told to bring, but back in the 1930s airmen were provided with wooden hangers as part of their kit. This example is sadly incomplete as it should have a wooden bottom rail for trousers that has sadly snapped off at some point. The main body of the hanger is wood, with a metal hook to hang it and a crown and ‘AM’ for Air Ministry marked in the centre:imageOn either side of the crown are store numbers (21b/835):imageAnd the contract number 653768/37/C.I.B, which dates the hanger to 1937:imageSadly I can’t identify the manufacturer, but a web search shows C.I.B. appears on a number of different hangers with different contract dates. These coathangers would have been produced in large quantities and used by all in the RAF from the lowliest airmen to Air Marshals…all I need to find now is an AM marked wardrobe to put it in….

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