1950 Pattern Jungle Shorts

Back in 2014 we looked at the 1950 pattern jungle trousers here, now thanks to Andy Dixon I have been able to upgrade these to a mint unissued pair and add the jacket (which we will look at next week) and a pair of shorts to my collection. This pair of shorts are in mint condition and look as good as the day they were made:imageIt is unusual to get jungle clothing in condition as good as this, the demands of life in the jungle soon faded uniforms and they were often destroyed by the rigours of service. The design of the shorts is virtually identical to the trousers, but obviously recut to finish above the knee, with the thigh pocket deleted. The waist makes use of the same double strap and side buckle fastener, designed to provide a greater range of sizes, as the trousers:imageThe same button fly:imageAnd back pockets:imageThis example has a lovely clear label showing the shorts are a size ‘9’, made in 1954 by Bickley and details of the sizing:imageOfficially shorts had been discontinued for wear in the jungle during the Second World War: they provided no protection to the legs from insect bites and scratches which lead to infections. Despite this they were regularly worn on patrols in non-jungle areas and in base camps where the added ventilation they offered was welcomed by troops operating in stifling conditions. In this photograph of a radio hut in Malaya in 1957, the soldiers manning it all wear jungle green shorts, albeit not of the unloved 50 pattern:large1

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