Single Webbing Ammunition Carrier

Last year we looked at the double webbing ammunition carrier here, I mentioned then that a single version was also produced and tonight we are looking at that carrier:imageThis carrier has a large webbing envelope into which an ammunition box can be slid, two webbing straps across the bottom prevent the box from slipping out:imageThe back of the carrier has two modified L-straps that allow it to be worn with 37 pattern webbing:imageThese are slightly different to standard 37 pattern L-Straps as they have a webbing loop to keep the loose ends tidy:imageAnd the straps fasten with a ring and hook so they can be undone to make it easier to remove when carrying a heavy load:imageA heavy duty pad protects the small of the back:imageThe pack was made by MECo in 1955, as indicated by a large stamp on the back:imageThe pack is much smaller than the double carrier, as can be seen by comparing the two:imageIt is interesting that both variations of ammunition carrier are unissued and dated 1955; one wonders if a stash of unissued carriers has been found in a store room somewhere and released onto the market. Sadly I am missing the ammunition boxes to go in these carriers- I have made up a couple of black boxes to represent these until I can find the correct boxes.

One comment

  1. I have also got a single carrier I bought 2 years ago i have just seen your pictures now I know what I have. Do you have a picture of clip that goes across the front

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