WS88 Radio Set Pouch

When the British Army introduced the WS88 radio set we looked at yesterday, they issued it with an accompanying webbing pouch to allow it to be attached to the recently approved 44 pattern webbing set.UntitledThis pouch was supposed to be worn on the left hand side of the webbing, with a similar pouch for the battery on the right. It is made of the same green lightweight cotton webbing as the rest of the 44 pattern tropical webbing:imageAs can be seen the pouch is secured by a quick release fastener on the front, this example is sadly broken. Whilst sharing many characteristics with the contemporary 44 pattern set, this pouch is not strictly speaking part of that set, as it is not listed in the pamphlets of equipment, rather it is an associated piece of equipment designed to be compatible with the main webbing set. The rear of the pouch is virtually identical to the 44 pattern ammunition pouches, but is marginally wider to accommodate the larger radio set:imageA pair of metal loops are sewn to the pouch to attach it to the waist belt:imageThe rear also has a radio stores’ code of ‘ZA33126’ and the letter ‘L’ indicating it is to be worn on the left:imageThe base of the pouch has a small drainage hole:imageThis combined with the waterproof casing of the WS88 set allowed the operator to wade through water and still use the radio at the end of it. The top flap of the pouch has a large opening allowing the user to operate the WS88 set:imageA small pocket runs down the side of the pouch to hold the aerial when not in use:imageThis pouch was manufactured by MECo in 1948:image

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