Interwar Recruitment Pamphlet

I have quite a few recruiting booklets for the various services over the last few decades, however tonight we are looking at my newest addition and possibly my favourite. This recruiting pamphlet for the Army dates from 1934 and has a red cover with a young chap in football kit with a cap and service dress jacket over:SKMBT_C36415112409390_0001The inside cover has a list of contents:SKMBT_C36415112409400_0001The first page highlights the sports aspect of the service with the king inspecting an inter-regimental football final: SKMBT_C36415112409400_0001 - CopyNote the stamp for a Lt Colonel White in the corner. Turning the page and we have another picture, this time of a regimental institute:SKMBT_C36415112409401_0001The text starts after this and sets out the conditions of service and benefits for joining the army (as ever click on the image to get a larger, readable version):SKMBT_C36415112409401_0001 - Copy



SKMBT_C36415112409410_0001The centre of the book has more period photographs, here PT:SKMBT_C36415112409410_0001 - CopyA recruits’ reading room:SKMBT_C36415112409411_0001A billiard room:SKMBT_C36415112409411_0001 - CopyAnd a corporals’ room:SKMBT_C36415112409420_0001The text continues with details of specific regiments and trades:SKMBT_C36415112409420_0001 - Copy



SKMBT_C36415112409432_0001The final two images are of a RASC Workshop:SKMBT_C36415112409432_0001 - CopyAnd the Army Navy Rugby Match:SKMBT_C36415112409440_0001

The inside back cover has details of different places a recruit could sign up:SKMBT_C36415112409440_0001 - Copy

This page also allows us to date the booklet as teh printers code on the bottom of the page has the date 8/34 included in it. It is interesting that the photographs emphasise the social and sports side of the army, and there are no actual pictures of any weapons or military training and the text is keen to emphasise the pay and benefits of the army. It is sobering to think that those who signed up as a result of this pamphlet would be thrust into WW2 just five years later.

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