Number 2 Prismatic 6×30 Binoculars

Tonight we turn our attention to the most common form of binoculars used by the British Army in WW2. The Number 2 Prismatic 6×30 binoculars were the most widely issued design of binocular, being made in a number of marks by different manufacturers. This pair is a MkII set:imageThe main body of the binoculars is made of black painted brass, joined by a hinge allowing a degree of adjustment:imageFocusing is done by screwing the eyepieces back and forth to change the focal length to match he viewer’s eyes:imageA /|\ mark on the front of the body indicates they are military property:imageThis pair are marked as having been made by Kershaw’s of Leeds in 1943:imageThese are a MkII pair which means they have graticules marked on the lenses. The binoculars have small metal loops on the back to fasten a neck strap through:imageThe strap is made of 5/16″ webbing with two buckles to adjust it, the sling itself being 32″ long:imageThese binoculars were produced in huge quantities, with virtually every officer and most NCOs bring issued a pair, matching cases were provided with both the 37 pattern and 44 pattern webbing sets to carry them in. In this image of a British Intelligence officer in Yugoslavia the binoculars are clearly visible:7cd72b2bc32b8eceb9efedafd1e3b254a0642f1aAlthough some dealers do charge silly prices, I have bought a number of sets of these binoculars over the years and never spent more than £5 a pair so bargains are out there.

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